Life, As It Happens

Anders Petersen, the Swedish legend of post-war European Photography, Elinor Carucci, an award-winner Israeli/American photographer, Jessica Backhaus, one of the most distinguished voices in contemporary photography in Germany, and Natasha Caruana, a rising star in the UK's art scene, opened their doors to us and talked about their ambitions, their doubts, their creative process and how they found their voices. What unites these four artists is that they work only with personal material, but the approaches they employ could not be more different than one another. The film is slated to be distributed to nationwide PBS channels in 2024 and selected to be part of IDFA's 2023/24 Doc for Sale catalog.

Documentary, 53 min.

Winter in LA

Rachel, a second-generation Chinese/Korean-American woman in her early forties, grapples to save her marriage, which is falling apart, while also taking care of her mother with Alzheimer's. After the couple's third IVF attempt fails, tension peaks at home with her Turkish husband, who is having a secret affair with a French entrepreneur. He attempts to leave, but his guilty conscience prevents him. A final incident gives him an unexpected way out, but a strangely enduring commitment between them will complicate their new life. The very core of who they are as a couple will be tested.

Fiction, 97 min




Letter From TeeJay

TeeJay was lured by a rogue agent, trafficked into Turkey with the false promise of a professional contract, and abandoned just two days after their arrival. Returning home as a failure was not an option for him since his family was already swamped in debt. Now he must survive in this unfamiliar city and demonstrate his skills in street games to draw the local soccer agents' attention.

Documentary, 7 min.